At Jounce, we believe that the most important school-based driver of student learning is teacher quality – and that teacher quality is not fixed. In fact, we have seen that active, frequent, and live coaching gets teachers better, fast. We help school leaders develop the skills to execute this kind of coaching.

By accelerating principal growth, we accelerate teacher development, which in turn accelerates student learning.

“The instructional coaching model developed by Jounce provides teachers with the targeted support they need to improve. They took our once amorphous teacher support program and created a structure that was easy to follow and implement. The results were dramatic. On average, students at KIPP West Philadelphia made more than two years of growth in math and reading according to the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test.”
- Greg Leap, Principal, KIPP West Philadelphia

Jounce By The Numbers

Statistical Impact Chart of Jounce

Jounce Impacts Learning at Three Levels

School Leaders are becoming more confident and successful.

Teachers appreciate coaching, recognizing improvements in personal ability and student engagement.

Students are more engaged and improving academically.

“Small group coaching with Jounce has been absolutely essential to the success of Heights Academy this year. Jounce's key teacher skills have provided our team with common language and high expectations, which have translated into unprecedented levels of student achievement.”
–Theresa Loth, Teacher Leader, Washington DC Partner School

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