We see excellent School Leaders as “Head Coaches.”

When teachers are getting better at their craft every day, there is no ceiling on student learning. To achieve and maintain this kind of rapid teacher skill growth, schools need a team of leaders with deep teacher development expertise. Jounce trains current and future school leaders for this reimagined principal role, in which nothing is more important or more impactful than accelerating teachers towards excellence.

Three pathways bring the Jounce model to schools and students.

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The three pathways are integrated and mutually reinforcing

School Partnerships and Talent Partnerships allow Jounce Partners to improve teaching and learning at schools across the country. At the same time, they support the School Launch Fellowship by providing:

Lessons learned through full implementation of the Jounce model at new Fellow-led schools will be fed back into improving quality of School Partnerships and Talent Partnerships.

Essential Details

School Leader and Teacher Coaching Model | School Leader Fellowship